Roulette Game

Can gambling change lives? Definitely, yes.  There are cases when visitors came to play for money and left PlayAmo Australia with huge winnings. But it’s not the only reason why roulette is so popular worldwide.

Why Is Roulette Popular?

It is no accident roulette is the queen of casino games! The true aristocracy has always enjoyed playing it. No wonder, because roulette requires not only luck but also some skills, which you can shine. But the main thing is that roulette is one of the most profitable games among all casino entertainment. And this game is much more profitable than most slots.

Different Versions of the Roulette Game


European roulette is much more profitable than American roulette. Its payout percentage is 97.3%.

Generally, the European roulette game was the only option, and it is considered the original version. And only years later the Americans offered to play roulette according to their rules.

How much money can roulette bring? It depends on its characteristics, namely the number of zeros sections.

Originally, roulette offered to play on the basis of the mechanism with sectors and the ball. Today, it is possible to play roulette online, so the mechanism is replaced by a program. But the essence remains the same. The roulette has sectors, on one of which the ball stops.

The 36 roulette sectors are colored red and black equally. European roulette has an extra green section. It provides a percentage of casino advantage. If we consider that users often choose to bet on the color (this is the most popular bet), the zero section provides the profit to the receiving side. Profit is small, but all gambling games are built on this principle.

Casino profits in the case of American roulette twice as much. It has two zeros. Thus, the European version is more reasonable for users.

Since roulette offers the possibility of different bets, you need to decide on the strategy in advance. Basically, roulette is popular for small bets and a wide range. Of course, it is possible to bet on a single number and get a win of 1 to 36 in case of luck. But everyone understands that roulette makes this case very unlikely.

If you play for color, big-small, even-odd, etc., the probability of winning is 1 to 2. That’s a good way to win.

No one forgets the pleasure of the process. In this respect, roulette can be compared with slots. It is possible to place one maximum bet for all the money, but in gambling games, it is customary to play differently and stretch the pleasure.

Among the most popular roulette strategies is the one devised by Martingale. According to it, it is necessary to bet on the color, and in case of winning just switch to another color. In case of loss, continue playing on the same color, but with each unsuccessful attempt to increase the bet twice, to compensate for the previous downtime.

Beginners will just put in some favorite numbers or those that coincide with their / children’s / cat’s birthdate, etc. Of course, it’s fun, but it’s more reasonable to start with Martingale. That way, this popular game will bring a more enjoyable experience.

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