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Mobile blackjack games offered by casinos allow you to play at any time, even using the common internet connection of phones and tablets, for free or for real money (with real money winnings).

Since the game is graphically very simple, the compatibility of blackjack with various devices is very wide: practically all tablets and smartphones of the last few years are able to run this type of green table without problems.

The Versions Of Mobile Blackjack: Multi-Hand And Single Hand

There are two versions of Blackjack Mobile currently available, based on classic blackjack rules: single-hand and multi-hand (3 hands).

In all the iPhone, iPad and Android tables we have tried, the rules are always the same: the dealer asks for cards up to 16, stands on 17, winnings are paid 2 to 1 (3 to 2 in the case of blackjack), insurance pays 2 to 1. The number of decks used, however, changes from casino to casino.

A new version that may soon make its appearance on the mobile gaming scene is live roulette. Considering that roulette is already available, we have no doubt that blackjack will also be introduced soon.

More on mobile blackjack

There are still very few blackjack games available for android and ios devices, despite the fact that it is one of the most popular games for players around the world.

Regardless of the software behind the different online casinos, the number of blackjack tables for tablets and phones is very limited: in fact, there is only 1 table per operator, one-handed in the case of Playtech and Microgaming, and 3-handed in the case of casino’s proprietary software.

It is likely that NetEnt will bring a breath of fresh air to this sector (thanks to the NetEnt Touch platform), although we don’t know when any news will be available for the gaming market.

How To Play Video Poker On Smartphones And Tablets

Video poker was one of the “bar” games that rose to prominence in the 1990s, and has experienced another positive period in the past decade through online casinos.

Now relegated to a niche market for a few enthusiasts, video poker may be experiencing a new youth thanks to gaming apps for mobile devices.

What versions are available and which online gaming operators offer it to their players?

The Functions Of Mobile Video Poker

The video poker currently available in online casinos in mobile versions is quite simple: it is the classic one-handed games. Those looking for multi-handed games (up to 100) will have to make do with playing from a fixed location for the time being.

Despite the limitation on the number of hands, mobile video poker offers the features commonly associated with this type of entertainment: in addition to choosing the bet value, players can select the number of bets to place on each hand, from 1 to 5. The higher the number of bets, the higher the value of the winnings paid out.

For any winnings obtained, it is also possible to attempt a double or half-double. In this case you enter a mini-game in which the player has to guess the colour of a hole card drawn from a deck.

Of all the operators we have tested and reviewed, the only video poker variant available is Jacks or Better. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer to see other variants such as Deuces Wild and the like.

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