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Even if volleyball is not as popular  as other sports such as football, tennis or even handball, it has a number of aficionados that should certainly not be underestimated and this for several reasons: the results of the French men’s team are excellent, local clubs such as Tours VB and Paris VB have already won the European Volleyball Champions League and the “value” on volleyball matches is often very interesting! 

So, not only can you find volleyball bets on licensed bookmaker sites , but it seemed essential for the team to put together a list of the most popular volleyball bets, 

What are the most popular volleyball bets?

Unless you already specialise in volleyball betting, the most popular (and potentially profitable) bets on the sport are probably unfamiliar to you. They are not complicated to understand and the main ones are, in order of importance, the following. 

How to bet on single bets in volleyball?

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Like all the sports discussed in our guides to betting on sports betting, single bets are by far the most popular bets in volleyball. The principle is simple: you bet on the winning team at home (1) or away (2). Unlike football and/or even basketball, draws are impossible in volleyball, which somewhat reduces the potential odds you can take advantage of. 

For this type of betting, be careful never to bet on odds that are too low (below 1.3 or 1.4 to 1), which have an unattractive risk/reward ratio. Also, always pay attention to the recent form of clubs, etc., not just their name. 

How to bet on volleyball combination bets?

As you will see on our free daily predictions page, we are aware of the popularity of volleyball combination bets and/or all sports you can bet on . We do offer them on a regular basis. 

Nevertheless, we are not particularly fond of this type of betting which consists of putting “together” several volleyball bets in order to increase your potential odds. Above 3 or 4 combinations, it becomes very difficult to win money with a combination and the sports betting sites know this very well! It is not for nothing that they offer many promotions related to combination betting… In short, you will have understood: please bet on volleyball combination bets sparingly, without unnecessary risks and with a strict bankroll management. 

How to bet on the winners of volleyball competitions?

Whether your heart (or specialist eye) is set on international volleyball competitions such as the World Volleyball League, or club championships such as our French Ligue A or the Champions Volleyball League, you can easily bet on the future winner of either competition on licensed sites . 

Note that if you are betting several months in advance, we advise you not to use your main sports betting bankroll for this type of bet. It’s all about the fun. And if you have a cashout option (potential buyout by the bookmaker), it’s not a bad idea if you feel fairly quickly that you’ve overvalued the team you’ve placed your bet on. 

How to bet on individual players in volleyball?

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As with another sport of similar popularity (handball betting), it is important to know that unlike sports such as basketball, football or rugby, betting on players is almost non-existent in volleyball. If you want to bet on the best scorers, receivers and other setters, unfortunately this will not be possible on the bookmakers approved . However, the numerous side bets available on all the volleyball bets should allow you to find your money’s worth. 

What are the most popular side bets in volleyball?

There are many side bets on all volleyball matches and we know from experience that the following 3 types of bets are very popular with the best volleyball bettors: 

Bets on the total or the point spread: Especially on a site like Betclic, these are almost always the types of bets you will find below the single bets on a particular volleyball match. You have to predict whether the total number of points of the match will be more or less than a certain number (often around 180) and/or predict the number of points difference, in total, between the two teams.

Betting on the exact final score: 6 combinations exist in volleyball: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 0-3, 1-3 or 2-3. Unsurprisingly, exact score betting is quite popular, as it is much less difficult to guess than other sports.

Set handicap betting: This is betting on the point spread of a specific set. For example, the home team wins the 1st set by 4 points (or more), etc.

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