Bankroll management

If there’s one basic tip we always instill in our players, it’s bankroll management! Even if you follow our top 10 sports betting tips, not managing your sports betting finances in a balanced and responsible way will always lead you to disaster. 

The principle is simple and you probably know it: no matter what handball match you want to bet on, you should never exceed a certain limit per bet. In general, we consider 2.5% of your sports betting finances on a single bet to be a big maximum, although we sometimes accept 5% in special cases when we offer our free prediction tips. 

Watch out for news and possible absences before betting on handball

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With 7 players in each team, some elements can have a fundamental importance on the performance of one or the other team on the day. The absence of a goalkeeper, for example, can completely change the game and the potential results as his importance is so great in this sport. Moreover, handball (which we like to describe as a mix of rugby and basketball) is an ultra physical sport, with regular injuries. This is especially true for the pivots, who play THE key role in the game of handball. 

Finally, don’t hesitate to also look at the history of the confrontations between two teams, the recent forms, their capacities to perform as well on the road as at home, etc. 

Beware of small odds on handball betting

Even more so with handball than with other sports, we advise you to be particularly wary of small odds in this sport, below 1.2 or 1.3 to 1. In general, the ratio of potential gain to risk is not interesting enough. 

A concrete example: In the EHF Champions League (the pinnacle of club handball), Barcelona and PSG always have ultra-low odds. However, in the group stage, the Spaniards lost two games (for 12 wins) and the Parisians lost one game. Moreover, they were eliminated in the semi-finals and quarter-finals respectively. We repeat: surprises are not impossible. 

How to take profit of bonuses to bet on handball?


As we often remind you, the fifteen or so sites licensed by the ANJ for sports betting are in a real battle to attract and retain punters. You should take advantage of the following bonuses, at least: 

Welcome bonuses from sports betting sites, which are always in the form of a first bet refunded if you lose, are super interesting if you have never had an account on one of the legal sites . You can bet without risk, between 50 and 150 dollars maximum, on a handball match and be completely refunded if you lose the bet. In general, we recommend odds of around 2 or 3 to 1 for this type of bet. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before committing yourself.

Boosted odds: Although boosted odds are more common in other sports, the top games in world handball (Champions League, World Cup, Olympics, etc.) often have offers that improve the odds of the games. Sites such as Betclic and Unibet are keen on such promotions.

Cashout options: available on almost all sports betting sites recently, cashout options allow you to “sell” your handball bets to the bookmaker at any time and thus minimise your potential losses.

Best bookmakers to bet on handball

Let’s be clear: in order to remain objective and neutral, we invite you to make your own opinion. Moreover, you should always favour bookmakers where you have never had an account in order to be able to take advantage of a first bet refunded if you lose, as we have seen in the previous paragraph.

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